[Moin-user] Spellchecking, French

WILLIAMS Dominic D.WILLIAMS at csee-transport.fr
Tue Jan 29 04:03:10 EST 2002

Details of installation:

I added directory C:\software\moin-0.10\MoinMoin\dict

In this directory are two files: english.txt and french.txt
These files each contain a list of english and french words.

Exact symptoms are: when I run a SpellCheck, for example on my FrontPage, I get a page saying:

"The following 143 words could not be found in the dictionary of 3 words (including 3 LocalSpellingWords) and are highlighted below:"

(Each word with a checkbox, etc...) All the words in the FrontPage are highlighted (none is found in the dictionary...)

So, it looks as though only my LocalSpellingWords dictionary is being used, not the main ones...

1) Should I do something special (apart from create the word files in the right place) to tell MoinMoin about my dictionaries?
2) Is there some way to provide you with more detailed symptoms (such as a debug mode?)

Thanks for your help...

P.S. I tried setting my browser's language to FR, but this had no effect at all. What should happen? I expected system buttons and links (such as FindPage, SpellCheck, RecentChanges, etc. to be in French...)

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> From: Juergen Hermann [mailto:jh at web.de]
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> To: moin-user at lists.sourceforge.net; WILLIAMS Dominic
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> >>> I cannot get the SpellCheck to work. I have put two text files 
> (downloaded from the Web) with english and french words, in the moin-
> 0.10/MoinMoin/dict directory, but the SpellCheck function still does 
> not work. (I am running MoinMoin on Windows2000, with Python 2.1.1
>   Well, if it doesn't work, you did something wrong. :>
>   Can't say more w/o further info, like exact symptoms.
> >>> Another question: I saw in the source code there is an i18n 
> directory, with some stuff about internationalization. Does this 
> already work? Is it possible to have MoinMoin work in French?
>   Set your browser so that "fr" is the preferred language.
> Ciao, Jürgen

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