[Moin-user] Customizing moinmoin

Luis Fernandez luis at clockwork.nl
Wed Jan 30 05:56:21 EST 2002


    I want to setup moinmoin for a group Wiki, but most of my potential
users are going to be disturbed by the unusual navigation of a Wiki. So I
was thinking of providing a menu on the left hand side with a few bookmarks,
that they
can resort to if in trouble.

    I don't grok much Python, but from what I have seen the only things that
can be customised without changing the original code are the CSS, the page
header and footer.

    The kind of navigation menu I want to provide can be seen in any of
these two links, both running moinmoin:

    Is there anywhere you can point me with information on how to customize
the look of moinmoin further than just the CSS, header and footer?


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