[Moin-user] instructions, installation of gdchart

Lele Gaifax lele at seldati.it
Sat Jul 6 15:46:02 EDT 2002

>>>>> On Sat, 6 Jul 2002 17:26:32 -0400 (EDT), "Francois Meehan" <francois at iecholden.com> said:

    FM> Hi, Finally I figured it out, I have created the doc on how to
    FM> do it, and I would like to post it on the MoinMoin site.

    FM> 1) Are we allowed to do that?

Yes, of course. Maybe it's better if you start your own wiki page and,
at least initially, write your notes there. Then Juergen may
eventually find the right place where it fits.

    FM> 2) If yes, I can I create a document without having to put
    FM> it's wiki word on MoinMoin frontpage???

You can do this by simply adding the page name in the URL, or by using
the last entry in the FindPage.

bye, lele.
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