[Moin-user] Feature Suggestion

David LeBlanc whisper at oz.net
Thu Jul 11 19:20:10 EDT 2002

To be precise:

* There is a python script called faqwizard. It is in the tools/faqwiz in
the Python source distribution.

* It is used (at least on http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw.py?req=home) to
support user-maintained online faqs.

* Integrating this script, or it's functionality, into MoinMoin would be a
Good Thing.

Specific functionality:

* Add a FAQ entry. Provide for adding a new section.
* Delete a FAQ entry. Provide for removing empty sections.
* Rename a section.
* FAQ Recent Changes.
* FAQ Index - Section headings and questions only.
* Whole FAQ - The whole FAQ on one page.
* Editing FAQ's:

A typical FAQ entry:
1.2. Why is it called Python?
Apart from being a computer scientist, I'm also a fan of "Monty Python's
Flying Circus" (a BBC comedy series from the seventies, in the --
unlikely -- case you didn't know). It occurred to me one day that I needed a
name that was short, unique, and slightly mysterious. And I happened to be
reading some scripts from the series at the time... So then I decided to
call my language Python.
By now I don't care any more whether you use a Python, some other snake, a
foot or 16-ton weight, or a wood rat as a logo for Python!

Edit this entry / Log info / Last changed on Thu Aug 24 00:50:41 2000 by GvR
"Edit this entry" and "Log info" are links to a single faq item editor and a
diff page. This differs from current MoinMoin functionality in that a single
section of a page is being edited instead of the whole (probably large)
page. The auto-signing for logged in users (or "guest" for non-logged users)
is a big plus I wish MoinMoin did on all edits.

FAQ Storage:
Each FAQ Item has a unique numeric identifier, presumably based on the order
it was added (to the FAQ, or to just the section?). FAQ items, each in their
own file, are automatically assembled into the page or pages viewed by the
user. (Doubtful that caching could be of use here, unless it's a high-volume
FAQ - and then it's going to have expired pages in the cache frequently
anyway). That faq items are each in their own file is a plus for uses like
generating custom pages based on a search, displaying single sections etc.

It would be nice if it could actually use the file/storage format(s)
(whatever they are) that FAQWiz uses for interoperability.

I hope you don't find this too vague: can I have it a week from Tuesday
please? :P)

Oh yeah, and web.de didn't make me feel lucky ;-)


David LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

PS: I have a bet with myself about what you're going to say Juergen - I look
forward to seeing if I'm right :-)

PS2: While you're at it, how about adding the
http://www.seapig.org/MainPageMoinMoin blarg plugin into the standard
distribution? :-)

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> Be more vague, please. ;)
> Actually, you might be lucky in the sense that we plan to deploy some
> faq-o-matic thing at web.de.
> Ciao, Jürgen
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