[Moin-user] newbee question

brendel at nancy.inra.fr brendel at nancy.inra.fr
Wed Jul 24 02:48:03 EDT 2002

Hi Moin-users, 

I'm new to moinmoin (and wikiwiki that is, about 30minutes). I tumbled 
on it in my search for a system to write html with bidirectional links - 
wikiwiki systems seem to be quite what I'm looking for.
I have downloaded moinmoin and had a look at the installatino 
instructions. My question is now : What I'm looking for is a offline 
moinmoin version for only my private, personal use. So, can I do an 
installation without bothering with an web server ????

Thanks for replying to my own email address
brendel at nancy.inra.fr

Thanks in advance for any help, ideas, hints. I'm open to everything.
I would like to try moinmoin but I have a feeling that installing a web 
server will cost me more time and computer resources than I have



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