[Moin-user] hierarchy / categories

John Willemin john.willemin at templarcorp.com
Fri Jul 26 10:51:02 EDT 2002

hey... we have been using moin moin for a bit on our intranet, and while 
it's good at what it does, our wiki does have a tendency to get somewhat 

in an ideal world, something with a windows-explorer type layout would be 
ideal for us - i.e. nested folders containing documents: Home > Developer 
Documents > Code Standards, that sort of thing.  basically i'm looking for 
some forced way of structuring the documents.

is this something that can be accomplished only with categories?

and are there any other wiki implementations that provide a more 
hierarchical file structure?

the only thing i could find on the faq was categories, and i'm not sure 
that entirely fits our needs. sorry if this is a faq :)


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