[Moin-user] hierarchy / categories

Adam Shand adam at personaltelco.net
Fri Jul 26 18:45:02 EDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 10:50, John Willemin wrote:
> in an ideal world, something with a windows-explorer type layout would be 
> ideal for us - i.e. nested folders containing documents: Home > Developer 
> Documents > Code Standards, that sort of thing.  basically i'm looking for 
> some forced way of structuring the documents.

I suspect you'll get a different answer from everyone who answers but
basically what you want isn't a wiki and you're probably better off
checking out a more traditionally content management system.  if you
really want to stick with a wiki you might want to check out twiki as it
offers some of the functionality you're asking for.

however you need to think through what you actually want.  do you just
want a way for people to find the pages they need, or do you really want
to be able to have hierarchical data?  if what you actually need is the
first then you can do a lot with using categories.  what I do at work is
have a series of "main pages" which are all prominently linked off the
main page (or even better from the template) that use searches to index
certain types of pages.  as a simple example you could do something like
this on one of your main pages (these are categories which exist on my

|| '''Words''' || '''Thoughts''' ||
|| [[FullSearch('CategoryWords')]] || [[FullSearch('CategoryThoughts')]] ||

once you start playing with it you can make it pretty easy to find
things that you need.  the only real complaint i have is that i spend a
reasonable amount of time fixing typos in the category name.  i wish
that category information was page meta data, new pages were put into a
default category if the user didn't specify one when it was created and
that the categories could be selected by a drop down box on the edit
page rather then having to be added manually at the end of a page.

regardless it's working great for us.


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