[Moin-user] apache + moin not cooperating

Michael Radziej mir at moinuser.m1.spieleck.de
Mon Jul 29 02:11:01 EDT 2002

On Sun, Jul 28, C. Ulrich wrote:

> [Sun Jul 28 12:09:03 2002] [error] [client] /usr/bin/env: 
> python: No such file or directory

That's the important one.

It means that the standard environment doesn't have a path that
includes the python interpreter. You have to find python
("which python" or "locate python" should do the job) and then

a) either fix your standard environment to include python in the path
   (cleanest, but where your standard env. is located is system dependent -
   /etc/profile is a good guess)

b) replace "/usr/bin/env python" with "/path/to/your/python"
   (you will have to reado this with every update)

> Out of sheer curiosity, I su'ed to nobody and tried running the script 
> manually from the console... and it worked just fine. It just won't run 
> when Apache does it.

I'm not deeply into this, but Apache might set up its own special
environment. Or your apache might run as a different user. Please
include some info about your system if above fails :-)



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