[Moin-user] A newbie question

One spam and this email address vanishes into the great big bucket in the sky s-i-m-o-n at paradise.net.nz
Mon Jul 29 03:51:02 EDT 2002

I'm just coming to grips with MoinMoin,
having tried a couple of other Wikis, but like this one because of its features and relative ease of installation
I have installed it under WinXP and Apache 2 for home use,
and (with a great struggle - I'm not a Unix user) under Debian Linux Apache 1.3 in a multi user environment for a recreational group's web site (not released yet).
While I've got  a few questions, I'm curious why we don't use the MoinMoin wiki (ie http://purl.net/wiki/moin/) itself for these questions and discussions?
eg have a UserHelp or UserQuesions page which build up to contribute to the FAQ



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