[Moin-user] hierarchy / categories

Adam Shand adam at personaltelco.net
Mon Jul 29 12:12:15 EDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 11:44, Juergen Hermann wrote:
> >reasonable amount of time fixing typos in the category name.  i wish
> >that category information was page meta data, new pages were put into a
> A page currently has no meta data, so that is hard.

I know it's kind of a ghetto solution but wouldn't just including it in
comment data at the top/bottom of the page work pretty well?

##meta: category: software

or something like that.

> >that the categories could be selected by a drop down box on the edit
> >page rather then having to be added manually at the end of a page.
> That I one can add, what I also have on my todo is to speed up category 
> search by only looking at the last few lines of a page (on request).

This would be really nice as it would eliminate a lot of typo's, and
help users be aware of the concept of categories.  

Ideally it should auto-generate the list of categories from the
CategoryCategory page (or similar) and pages should be able to belong to
multiple categories at once.


"Make the invisible visible.  Let people see."  -- Bruce Sterling

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