[Moin-user] Little bug in [[TableOfContents]]

Olivier Laurent oli at aragne.com
Wed Jul 31 15:26:05 EDT 2002

The TableOfContents macro generate the same id for the <a name> tag when
two titles are the same.

For example, if I have a

= Title A =

== SameTitle ==

= Title B =

== SameTitle ==

If I click on the second 'SameTitle', I'm directed to the first one
since they have both the same anchor name.

I thought I could trick the bug by aadding a space after the title like:
== SameTitle  ==
It generate a different id for the <a href> in the table of contents but
not in the <a name>.

PS: should I use the mailing list for bugs or the MoinMoinBugs page ?

Olivier Laurent.
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