[Moin-user] run MoinMoin with Python server?

Kevin Altis altis at semi-retired.com
Wed Jul 31 23:29:04 EDT 2002

I should have done a little more investigation before my original post. The
CGI POST problem does appear to be the same bug as already noted at:




The bug is specific to POST handling with IE on Windows, tested with IE 5.5
and IE 6. It is not a problem with say Netscape on Windows or even IE on the

I would still like to hear about any other information related to running
MoinMoin with a simple Python web server instead of say Apache or IIS in
case there are other issues I should be aware of. I'm going to take this
opportunity to chase the socket issue to see if a workaround can be added to
the Python standard libs once and for all.


Kevin Altis
altis at semi-retired.com

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> I'm trying to get MoinMoin working with a minimal Python server
> based on the
> HTTPServer and CGIHTTPRequestHandler in the Python Standard
> Libraries. I was
> able to get MoinMoin running with a minimal variation of the install
> instructions and I can post those instructions here if there is
> interest. I
> ended up putting moin.cgi and moin_config.py in a /cgi-bin directory, the
> data is in a c:\moin\data directory and the images and css are in a /wiki
> directory at the html (htdocs) root of the server.
> The problem I've run into is that even though I can do GETs and POSTs with
> MoinMoin, some kind of failure occurs after the POST, so that while data
> from an edit appears to be accepted, there is a redirect or something that
> is failing as part of the request. I've attached a copy/paste from the
> console (sorry about the wrapping) showing the error output on my
> box when I
> click the "Save Changes" button during an edit
> http://localhost/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/FrontPage?action=edit
> This could be related to some other bugs that have been reported
> with Python
> socket handling and Internet Explorer 5.x, but I don't know MoinMoin well
> enough at this point to know what to look for. What I have now is
> essentially a read-only MoinMoin, which isn't particularly useful, so I'm
> looking for a fix.
> I'm wondering whether anyone has gotten MoinMoin working correctly on a
> Windows system using just the Python standard libs for the web server? If
> so, how about on Windows, specifically Windows 2000? I really
> don't want to
> have to install IIS or Apache just to use MoinMoin locally,
> Python should be
> able to handle this out of the box. A basic web server in Python is very
> simple as the script referenced below shows.
> The PythonCard webserver sample comes with a console_server.py script that
> essentially works the same as the GUI front-end web server. The latest
> version of the script is in cvs at the URL below. The script is different
> from the one in release 0.6.8 because I added '.cgi' extension support to
> the request handler to avoid having to change moin.cgi references in
> MoinMoin. I'm using Windows 2000 and Python 2.2.1, but the script should
> work without change on other systems.
> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/pythoncard/PythonCa

Any feedback or ideas would be appreciated. I would love to get MoinMoin
working as a CGI with a simple Python server!

Kevin Altis
altis at semi-retired.com

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