[Moin-user] Non-CGI install?

David LeBlanc whisper at oz.net
Thu Jun 13 18:22:03 EDT 2002

The on-sourceforge doc says:
httpd_docs  './wiki-moinmoin'  directory with public files, when using the
stand-alone server.

What it does NOT say is what are reasonable values for this, nor does it
describe the difference between "public" and any other kinds of files.

I did not ignore your comment, I just don't know what a reasonable value for
http_docs IS.

This: "I valid uses of MoinMoin..." should have been "IMO valid uses of
MoinMoin...". Sorry.

Is there some reason you didn't want to answer my other questions?

David LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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> On Thu, 13 Jun 2002 15:09:15 -0700, David LeBlanc wrote:
> >It's strange to me that I have to depend on noticing a small
> comment in the
> >install.html file or a comment in the moin_config.py file to
> find the config
> >info and that that file is not in the distro but depends on being able to
> >access sourceforge to download this information. I valid uses of MoinMoin
> >include stand-alone LANS not connected to the internet as well as using
> >MoinMoin on a single non-connected machine at home as a journal
> (an interest
> >of mine). I'm not sure I would depend on Sourceforge always being around
> >either...
> This doesn't make too much sense to me, and I'm left with the
> impression that you
> totally ignored my comment:
> >> And you have to set "httpd_docs" and the other httpd config vars.
> Stand-alone mode is not official, and thus you fiond not too much
> documentation on
> it. Those variables ARE documented, though.
> Ciao, Jürgen

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