[Moin-user] Non-CGI install?

David LeBlanc whisper at oz.net
Fri Jun 14 23:59:02 EDT 2002


I am not an expert on Apache. It did not occur to me that the following two
lines where setting the document root for moin:
	Alias /wiki/ "h:/Moin/share/moin/htdocs/"
	ScriptAlias /davewiki "h:/Moin/wiki/moin.bat"

Since one says "Alias" and the other one says "ScriptAlias", even though one
of them does have the word "htdocs" in it, it was not clear that this sets
the document root.

What is also not clear is this strange way you have of dumping values
directly into the Python interpreter's variable storage, thus making it
(IMO) harder then it needs to be to figure out how to set a configuration
variable. Unless you know or discover that vars() is the interpreter's
variable storage, reading the code suggests that moin-config values are read
and discarded and the default config vars are used instead.

I would still like to know the following: If I create a page link on
"FrontPage", where will the new page be created? Is it created in the
directory pointed to by the http_docs variable?


David LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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> >Is there some reason you didn't want to answer my other questions?
> They are irrelevant before you do not set your document root. http_docs
> is exactly that, the document root. Since you also run Apache, that
> term should be familiar to you.
> Ciao, Jürgen
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