[Moin-user] Non-CGI install?

Adam Shand adam at personaltelco.net
Sat Jun 15 12:06:21 EDT 2002

> I am not an expert on Apache. It did not occur to me that the following two
> lines where setting the document root for moin:
> 	Alias /wiki/ "h:/Moin/share/moin/htdocs/"
> 	ScriptAlias /davewiki "h:/Moin/wiki/moin.bat"

Your Apache DocumentRoot variable is set in apache to whatever it's set
to.  Aliases and ScriptAliases are ways of extending your DocumentRoot
to reach into different parts of the file system or of providing URL
short cuts.
> I would still like to know the following: If I create a page link on
> "FrontPage", where will the new page be created? Is it created in the
> directory pointed to by the http_docs variable?

Unless it's different with the standalone Moin server, when you create a
link on FrontPage nothing is actually created until someone goes to the
page link, clicks edit and then save.  Once the page is saved then moin
writes the file out to data_dir/text.


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