[Moin-user] First time apache configurator...

Kraulin . kraulin at msn.com
Tue May 7 09:13:02 EDT 2002


  To preface, I have MoinMoin outputing the proper output from the
C:\Moin\BBWiki\python moin.cgi

  I also have Apache 2.0.35 serving pages properly.

What I'm having a deal of difficulty doing is linking the two together.
when I have the batch file set up the way the install wiki page says, Apache 
serves up the text of the batch file.

>rem @echo off rem set PYTHONPATH=C:\Moin;C:\Python22\
>C: cd \Moin\BBWiki python.exe moin.cgi

When I remove the "rem" from in front of the echo off, I get this...

>Server error!
>Error message: Premature end of script headers: C:/Moin/BBWiki/BBWiki.bat 
>If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster Error 500

>05/07/02 12:09:47 Apache/2.0.35 (Win32)

Any advice would be appreciated...

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