[Moin-user] User Security - sometimes

Adam Shand adam at personaltelco.net
Tue May 14 13:57:07 EDT 2002

> to something like:
>    self.edit = self.edit and user.valid or (first letter of wikipage is Upper case)

I can't help with this (though I'm interested in the answer as well).

> I want to open up editing so anybody can edit wiki pages with whose
> first letter is upper case.  Pages with a lower case first letter would
> be restricted to editing only by validated users.

However you can do this with apache in a sort of ghetto manner.  This is
how I restricted read privledges to pages which match the pattern

  <LocationMatch "Node[0-9]+Details">
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Restricted To The Special Ops Team"
    AuthUserFile /etc/apache/htpasswd
    AuthGroupFile /etc/apache/htgroup
      require group ops

If you remove GET from the limit list, you should get read but not write


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