[Moin-user] How to create txt link file

V. Senn vasenn at gmx.ch
Wed May 22 14:19:01 EDT 2002

Hi everybody & Jürgen

Thank you for your fast reply. Unfortunately I'm a newbie and need additional howto information to my problem. By the way, MoinMoin is the most sophisticated Wiki I encountered. ☺

Problem description:
*** BEGIN ***
But unfortunately we couldn't combine MoinMoin and 
TouchGraph WikiBrowser, because there is no link database in txt file format available. It would be nice to have a moinmoin.txt link file automatically created to be used for the TG WikiBrowser, a very cool topic viewer with browser. (topic viewer available in www.touchgraph.com, another souceforge opensource project).
*** END ***

I got the replys by Jürgen Hermann:

1st REPLY:
Release 1.0 does support this, see the release notes:
* "action=link" works like MeatBall:LinkDatabase
If you need more details, please use the User mailing list.

Err, typo, it's ...?action=links&mimetype=text/plain

Unfortunately I cannot figure where to put the command line

I am using an Apache Server on my win xp pro system at home. I want to test MoinMoin with TouchGraph WikiBrowser before installing it on the web.

V. Senn

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