[Moin-user] Bug? Pages not subscribed

Lele Gaifax lele at seldati.it
Thu May 30 15:25:05 EDT 2002

>>>>> On Thu, 30 May 2002 13:06:22 -0400 (EDT), Kevin Cole <kjcole at gri.gallaudet.edu> said:


    KC> Hi,

    KC> Perhaps a FAQ, perhaps a bug.  I just installed MoinMoin
    KC> yesterday, and everything seems to work as documented except
    KC> that the pages I've subscribed to report that no one is
    KC> subscribed after I make a change.  Mail is working, because I
    KC> can get it to mail my User Profile info to me. My profile page
    KC> lists two subscribed pages, and "Send mail notification" has a
    KC> checkmark in the box when I save.

MoinMoin won't send the notification to the same person who did the
change, in your case, you :)

ciao, lele.
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