[Moin-user] Chinese Translation in UTF-8

kent sin kentsin at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 2 08:56:03 EDT 2002


I have some pages translated in Chinese, include some
fixed of the original Dutch pages (I did not
translated them) to allow them shown the correct

I would like to show you and get comments. Also, I
would like to see what others have already translated
and co-operated.

How can I exported them and put them up (and later put
back here on my own private site) for all to read? 

I need to learn how to export them, put them on web.
But I have them all in utf-8 (such that the dutch and
chinese can co-exist). But in moinmoin, the default
setting is 8859-1. Are there any public moinmoin is
running in utf-8?


Kent Sin

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