[Moin-user] Moin and frames layout

Tim Bird tbird20d at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 19 13:25:03 EDT 2002

bragiba wrote:
> Are you saying callbacks are in CVS now?

Juergen Hermann wrote:
> > Or you just do a cvs up.


Juergen, That's what I call service!!  Thanks.

Instructions to access the CVS repository are at:

use "MoinMoin" as the modulename, and look in the
file wikiutil.py, at routine _emit_custom_html()

Juergen, it looks like in the future you are planning
on passing in a request object as a parameter to the
function.  This would be very handy to allow the callback
to customize the output according to request attributes.
Is this right?  I see that this would break a bunch of
action code, is this why you didn't put this in now?


Tim Bird

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