[Moin-user] URL Referencing with Spaces in File Strings

Yandle, Hans Hans.Yandle at cingular.com
Thu Oct 24 09:52:08 EDT 2002

I have come to a bit of a problem. I am trying to setup a wiki page but have
attachments stored on an external NT file server. NTFS supports long
filenames and spaces with in them. So for instance, one might have the

Server Name: abcserver
Share Name: attachments
UNC: \\abcserver\attachments

Under the attachments root folder, one might have:
/Company Logos
  My Logo.png

Please note the space in the directory name ("Company Logos") and file name
("My Logo.png"). The following wiki statements work:

*	Opens a new window, supports spaces in directories and filenames:
[[NewWindow("file://abcserver/attachments/Company Logos/My Logo.png"[, "My
Company Logo"])]]
*	Here is the same image being displayed as an inline image. I
converted the spaces to HTML encodings, i.e. <pre>asc(32)=html( ):
file://abcserver/attachments/Company Logos/My Logo.png </pre>
*	Here is a html reference for the logo using pure html code:
<pre>[[HTML(<a href="file://abcserver/attachments/Company Logos/My
Logo.png">My Company Logo</a>)]]</pre>

I tried using the url[] command but every time it encounter a space the url
command broke off the remainder/tail as its description. In other words this
does not work:
*	url["file://abcserver/attachments/Company Logos/My Logo.png" My
Company Logo]

It seems logical enough to me that if one encloses their file string within
quotes that file string should be pass quoted and as is to the "a hrefs" or
"image" tags.

Can someone tell me how to workaround this issue or possible fix it. I
understand the conversion of spaces to html encoding but my users will not.



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