[Moin-user] Premature end of script header

Cremin, Patrick pcremin at origin.ea.com
Thu Oct 24 11:50:03 EDT 2002

Have Apache running, moin1.0 and python22 installed on Win2K machine.


Problem is that I keep getting the following error message in my Apache log:

          'Premature end of script header: moin.bat'


Tried changing my httpd.conf to:

          Alias /wiki/ "C:/moin/share/moin/htdocs"

          ScriptAlias /qawiki "C:moin/qawiki/moin.cgi"  //was moin.bat


But then I get the following error message:

          'couldn't create child process: 72003: moin.cgi'

          'couldn't spawn child process: c:/moin/qawiki/moin.cgi'


I can tell, from searching around in the moin email archive, that this is
normally caused by the user doing something stupid, but I can't figure it


Anyone know whats up?




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