[Moin-user] moinmoin not apache2.0 compatible?

Gerson Kurz Gerson.Kurz at t-online.de
Sun Oct 27 01:39:03 EDT 2002

As meticiously as I checked that I write the word "meticiously" correct I
followed the installation procedure for moinmoin, noticing that it refers to
the apache 1.x version. However, it doesn't work with my apache 2.0.43 (on
win32), I get the dreaded premature script headers.

I did some tracing and found that this happens: when I call moinmoin with
the default url (that is: http://localhost/mywiki), the code in cgimain.py
will end up in webapi.cgiMoin posting this:

Status: 302
Location: http://localhost/mywiki/FrontPage?action=show&redirect=StartSeite
Content-type: text/html;charset=iso-8859-1

So, everything seems fine - b ut the url is never redirected. So, I figure
that redirecting from a CGI works differently in 2.0? I'm surprised, really.

Anyway, trying to call that URL directly shows that the start page ("A
WikiWikiWeb is a collaborative hyperblablabla") will get called, but not
displayed - premature end of script headers again.

Any help?

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