[Moin-user] Problem with Markup of nested Lists and Text

MarvinGS MarvinGS at sternpost.de
Tue Sep 10 02:09:02 EDT 2002

>>I want to switch to a current Version of Moin but if trying so my old Markup becomes messed up. What do i have 
to change (or where do i have to look) to change a current Moin so the Markup in this special Case stays the 

>It works well when I do this:
> * Hello[[BR]]
> Hello

>That is a space and a *, and the second line is a space and the word..

Yeah, that works with me, too. The Problem ist that i have 1000+ Pages in my old Wiki and i wanna upgrade ;) 
Maybe i could manage to write a script that inserts [[BR]]s for me but my Users are used to write the "old" way.

Isn't there another way?

Patrick alias MarvinGS

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