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   1. RE: How to set an anchor (Bradey Honsinger)


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From: Bradey Honsinger <BradeyH2 at construx.com>
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Subject: RE: [Moin-user] How to set an anchor
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:14:42 -0700

I was looking at this a couple of weeks ago, and it appears that there =
two ways to do it:

Self:AnchorPage#foo -- works inline, but can't be enclosed in brackets =

wiki:Self:AnchorPage#foo -- works inline and can be enclosed in =
brackets and

Note that "Self" must be capitalized--using "self" doesn't work. Simply
using AnchorPage#foo doesn't work at all, as I'm sure you've
noticed--whether inline, enclosed in brackets, or enclosed in brackets =

Adding "wiki:Self" to the beginning of every anchor reference isn't =
pretty, but it isn't that bad either. Using "wiki:Self" does add an
"InterWiki" icon to the resulting link, which the [#anchor] syntax =
have. It also appears to be used quite a bit on the official MoinMoin =
so I assume it's been officially blessed. If anyone knows of another =
way to
do it, let me know!

Juergen, I've added an example of this to the MoinMoin wiki's =
page--do you want to add that to the CVS version of the page?

  - Bradey

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Subject: [Moin-user] How to set an anchor

Hello MoinMoiners,

how do I set an anchor on a wiki page and how do I link to it? The help
shows the example

[#anchorname Anchor Link]

this is a link within a page. But ho do I link to an anchor on another =



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