[Moin-user] Help with Dueling Pythons

Innes Fisher Innes at oldfield.co.nz
Sun Sep 29 22:24:02 EDT 2002

Hi MM folks,

I've just installed MM on a RedHat 7.3 server. Being somewhat new to Linux
and MM, I've manged to get most of it working, but have run in to a problem
with multiple versions of Python on the server. Currently Python 1.5.2 is
the default although 2.2 is installed. The error I'm seeing when accessing
the MM pages appears to be 1.5.2 related, but I'm not sure how to ensure MM
points to the 2.2 version only.

I've read the installation guide for MM, and all about the dueling Pythons,
but it's still not clear to me what the fix is. Help!


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