[Moin-user] Online Docs for Windows

Ian Epperson Ian at axiomdesign.com
Fri Aug 1 09:54:02 EDT 2003

Sorry, Docs = Documentation


I had downloaded the moin-1.0.zip file through the Sourceforge page here:
(can't remember which mirror I used)

And the /wiki/data/text folder was completely empty.  So, I downloaded the
moin-1.0.tar.gz, extracted the /wiki/data/text folder and manually placed it
in my installation. 

I just now downloaded the moin-1.0.zip file from the EasyNews mirror, and
all the files in /wiki/data/text are there.

Bad mirror?

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> From: Juergen Hermann [mailto:jh at web.de] 
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> On Mon, 28 Jul 2003 11:09:38 -0700, Ian Epperson wrote:
> >I downloaded and installed Moin last week for the first 
> time.  Target system
> >is a Windows 2003 server running IIS.  The instructions 
> worked, but the zip
> >file did not contain the online documentation.  This morning 
> I d/led the
> >.tar.gz file and located the docs and installed the in the 
> appropriate
> >folder.
> >Shouldn't the zip file contain these files as well?
> What exactly is "the docs"? And what is the exact ZIP file URL?
> Ciao, Jürgen

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