[Moin-user] Installation problem

Karl Schmid schmid at ice.mpg.de
Fri Aug 15 00:22:25 EDT 2003


I moved an existing wiki of mine to another machine and get the
following error in the apache error log (on both machines, moin-1.0 is

[Fri Aug 15 09:11:03 2003] [error] (13)Permission denied: exec of
/srv/www/moin/karlwiki/moin.cgi failed
[Fri Aug 15 09:11:03 2003] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: /srv/www/moin/karlwiki/moin.cgi

However, when I run moin.cgi directly from the commandline, I get
correct html output.

I assume that some settings are incorrect but do not know which
(permissions are set correctly).

Any help is appreciated.

-- Karl

Karl Schmid <schmid at ice.mpg.de>
Max-Planck-Institute of Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany

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