[Moin-user] Installation problem

Neil Salter neil at nackle.org
Fri Aug 15 14:51:02 EDT 2003

Also, check the CGI setup on your new installation. Does the new machine use 
suexec to run CGI scripts? Check for a suexec.log file in the httpd logs 
directly, and see whether it tells you why it won't run the CGI script. The 
apache website has a whole section on suexec, so you should be able to work 
out why things aren't working, if this is really the case.

If you do have suexec running with your webserver, the easiest way to check 
whether it's causing the problem is to stop apache, temporarily rename 
suexec, restart apache, and try the script again... though be aware you are 
running less securely while you do this.



On Friday 15 August 2003 8:19 am, Karl Schmid wrote:
> Hi,
> I moved an existing wiki of mine to another machine and get the
> following error in the apache error log (on both machines, moin-1.0 is
> installed):
> [Fri Aug 15 09:11:03 2003] [error] (13)Permission denied: exec of
> /srv/www/moin/karlwiki/moin.cgi failed
> [Fri Aug 15 09:11:03 2003] [error] [client] Premature end of
> script headers: /srv/www/moin/karlwiki/moin.cgi
> However, when I run moin.cgi directly from the commandline, I get
> correct html output.
> I assume that some settings are incorrect but do not know which
> (permissions are set correctly).
> Any help is appreciated.
> -- Karl

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