[Moin-user] RPM packages

Michael Reinsch mr at uue.org
Sun Aug 24 09:48:03 EDT 2003


I've created some RPM packages for MoinMoin, which make installation of
a single wiki very easy: you only have to install the RPMs and have a
running MoinMoin.

The packages are designed for Mandrake (9.2), but they can be used under
RedHat 8.0 as well with a small change (there is no apache2, it is
called httpd, so one has to change that dependency from apache2 to httpd
for the package moin-apache2).

The packages are available from

Source RPM:
 - moin-1.1-0.cvs20030824.2mr.src.rpm

Binary RPMs:
 - moin-1.1-0.cvs20030824.2mr.noarch.rpm
 - moin-apache2-1.1-0.cvs20030824.2mr.noarch.rpm

Have fun.

  Michael Reinsch <mr at uue.org>                       http://mr.uue.org
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