[Moin-user] Howto: edit security, ACLs?

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Wed Jul 2 17:17:04 EDT 2003

>Python-related Wikis, inserting a link to a porn site, presumably in the
>hope that the site's Google page rank would increase.  I run the Python VM
>Wiki: <http://manatee.mojam.com/pyvmwiki>, which keeps getting scribbled on
>in the same way.
If you are logged in, you can click on the info icon and just revert the 
page to an older version with a single click in revision history.
That's less work than the guy has writing the stuff in...

>edit pages.  I realize that requiring user logins is not the WikiWay, but
>I'm tired of having to repeatedly correct the page this bozo keeps
>scribbling on.
If there are other logged in users in your wiki, they can do some of the 
reverts, too.

>A second related question.  Poking around SF with viewcvs I saw mention of
>ACLs in a couple checkin messages.  Is there some other security scheme in
>the works?
In the CVS version is a working ACL implementation. Read about it in the 
MoinMoin wiki on page AccessControlList.

Be aware that ACLs are not wiki way at all, so use them rarely.

greetings, Thomas

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