[Moin-user] Again: New install with errors

Daniel Fels danielfels at linuxmail.org
Fri Jul 4 02:41:08 EDT 2003

Sorry guys. I am too quick sending emails.

Now I can view the Frontpage:
But moin.cgi is not and scriptalias. Is a cgi. When I want to see another page where the url is 
the system says "The requested URL /wiki/moin.cgi/RecentChanges was not found on this server."
If I put http://rotary.elprat.net/wiki/moin.cgi?RecentChanges
the page is OK.

Any suggestion?
Can put an scriptalias in a local .htaccess?

Thanks in advance

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Subject: [Moin-user] Solved! (was New install with errors)

Solved! I think I used a moin.cgi from a 1.0 wiki version...

Hi all
I am trying install moin in an account at an ISP where I can't do
telnet, ssh etc. Anything except ftp. Instructions from 
For now I can run the test: 
but not the wiki: 
Any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english
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Subject: [Moin-user] Solved! (was New install with errors)
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