[Moin-user] drawing with moinmoin - TWikiDrawPlugin

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Tue Jul 8 15:52:05 EDT 2003

The directory '..share/moin/htdocs/applets/TWikiDrawPlugin/'
is empty.
I found a zip file named 'TWikiDrawPlugin.zip' on the web.
and in there was a sub directory named 'pub/Plugins/TWikiDrawPlugin'
which contents looked to me like it belonged into the above MoinMoin
After copying the stuff in there  I get something the looks alright...
But  I'm not entirety sure yet if I was did all this correctly. (The "URL
linking" part doesn't work)

Thanks for the reply

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>>>>> Sebastian Haase l'ha dit:

    Sebastian> Hi All, How Do I install the java drawing plugin ?
    Sebastian> (TWikiDrawPlugin ) I cannot find any instruction

It should be already there! Your wiki must have the AttachFile action
enabled. Try adding something like "drawing:picture" in a page,
commit, then follow the link... with a java enhanced browser you
should have the chance of drawing it.

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