[Moin-user] Install and images and ...

Phil Hughes fyl at a42.com
Sun Jul 27 15:34:03 EDT 2003

I once again fought with the install of Moin to get the images to work.
It appears I am not the only person who has had this fight.

I decided to explicitly follow the directions this time. They are "not
quite right". But, I made enough changes that now I am not sure what the
right answer is.

First, the directions say that your Moin will end up in
/usr/local/share. Not sure what is supposed to determine that but mine
ended up in /usr/share. 

The big issue is the location of the img directory--that is, where you
really have to put it and how you change the config program to find it.
In addition, there is no mention of the css and applets directories but
they need to be in the same place.

Again, the directions say that this goes in /usr/local/share (or
/usr/share in my case) but that doesn't work. They have to go into the
real web tree (/srv/www/htdocs by default on SuSE). 

It would be nice if someone who really understood all that was happening
would update the Wiki page and get rid of this confusion. Besides the
need for some minor instruction changes, explaining what determines
where things are looked for would help a lot.

Phil Hughes, fyl at a42.com  Phone/FAX: 506-483-1265 
Aptdo. 89-4060, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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