[Moin-user] mod_python status?

Neil Salter neil at nackle.org
Thu Jul 31 01:57:06 EDT 2003


Can anyone comment on the status of MoinMoin with relation to mod_python? 
There seems to be a general interest in running under mod_python, though I'm 
not clear on how close MoinMoin is to being runnable under it.

I really like the MoinMoin wiki. For me it strikes the right balance between 
ease of use/simplicity, and features. The biggest drawback for me is 
responsiveness & performance. I'm hoping to set up a company wiki soon 
(running under Apache), and am currently looking at the options. I'd like to 
go with MoinMoin, but am a little concerned about performance.

How close is MoinMoin to being runnable under mod_python?

Thanks in advance for any info,

Neil Salter.

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