[Moin-user] mod_python status?

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Thu Jul 31 03:37:03 EDT 2003

> Can anyone comment on the status of MoinMoin with relation to mod_python? 

Refactorings necessary for that to work reliably have begun. As you can 
see on MoinMoin:MoinDev and linked pages, I have done at least all of 
the easy stuff (print -> request.write).

There are still some questions open, so if you have experience with 
mod_python maybe you can answer some of them or at least take part in 

> There seems to be a general interest in running under mod_python, though I'm 
> not clear on how close MoinMoin is to being runnable under it.

Well, "not yet" is the short answer ;)

> I really like the MoinMoin wiki. For me it strikes the right balance between 
> ease of use/simplicity, and features. The biggest drawback for me is 
> responsiveness & performance. I'm hoping to set up a company wiki soon 
> (running under Apache), and am currently looking at the options. I'd like to 
> go with MoinMoin, but am a little concerned about performance.

I think at the beginning you won't have performance problems, so just 
start using it.

Quite some companies already use moinmoin internally. Getting the users 
used to wiki and teaching them how to use it best is much more of a 
problem than performance is (well, speaking of a more or less current 
hardware, not a stone-age machine).

There are also some quite big wikis running on the internet using moin, 
see korean NoSmok wiki, see LinuxWiki.org.

How many wiki users do you expect?

> How close is MoinMoin to being runnable under mod_python?

Some weeks to some months I would say. Ask Juergen Hermann for a more 
precise schedule, he is the guy doing releases.

Personally I am more interested in systems like twisted, keeping the 
wiki engine persistent in RAM all the time.

AFAIK mod_python only does that for a short time, as long as the web 
server process is handling requests. If the web server process 
terminates, python and the wiki engine terminates, too, and a new web 
server, new python and new wiki engine is started again.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Although this is better than CGI (doing that with every request), it is 
not as useful as if the whole stuff just stays loaded forever (well, 
almost ;). Just think of heavyweight stuff that takes some seconds to 
initialize - doing that one time per month is no problem - doing that 
every few seconds or every minute might be a problem.


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