[Moin-user] port disappears on certain urls -> non-default port, HTTP_HOST = varying

Roger Haase crosseyedpenguin at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 09:02:14 EST 2003

--- Joshua Rodman <joshua_rodman at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have a possibly unusual config.
> I'm running thttpd, and have told it to respond to whatever 
> server name it happens to receive.
> Thus, http://myserver.mydomain.com works, as does http://localhost
> (in the right circumstances).
> I've got it running on a nonstandard port though, so the following
> are the real urls: http://myserver.mydomain.com:81,
> http://localhost:81
> HTTP_HOST gets sent as myserver.mydomain.com and localhost,
> respectively,
> which appears to be acceptable for the HTTP standard, despite
> the nonstandard port number.
> SERVER_NAME is set to 'myserver', which may be wrong, but I believe 
> is not relevant.
> SERVER_PORT is set to '81'.
> Some urls, like a few involving the AttachFile feature, make use
> of the getBaseURL and/or getQualifiedURL methods in the webapi 
> module.  On my system this interface returns urls like:
> http://myserver.mydomain.com/blahblah/
>   or
> http://localhost/blahblah/
> Since these head back to port 80, they don't work.
> The relvant code in getQualifiedURL is as follows:

I also use a non-standard port (55555 for security reasons) and thought
I would have the same problem, but am unable to reproduce it using
Apache and the current MoinMoin CVS.

I uploaded a logo.jpg to WikiSandBox, and refered to it as:
and on another page:

Both reproduce the requested image. Perhaps a thttpd problem or I don't
understand how to reproduce it?

Roger haase

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