[Moin-user] Cross references

Nick Trout ntrout at rockstarvancouver.com
Wed Mar 5 10:45:09 EST 2003

> On Behalf Of Pascal
> Sent: March 5, 2003 3:07 AM
> Subject: [Moin-user] Cross references
> I would like to generate a page automatically from info found on other
> pages. Typically, from multiple meeting minutes, I would like to
> auto-generate a list of action items per person.
> I was thinking of some kind of search where I could combine a title
> search and a full-text search. The action items would be 
> written with a
> certain syntax, such as a line like:
>   * INITIALS>>text...
> Unfortunately:
>       * AFAIK one cannot do a combined search (titel and full-text)
>       * The search results display a very short context (not the whole
>         line)
> Is it possible to solve the above, or is there a better method ?

I have a similar sort of problem, I'd like to manage sets of data like
this. I'm writing a wiki database macro which allows you to search
tables with queries like SQL.

eg. ProgrammerQueries page:

== alljobs ==
  select || $(name) || $(due_date) || $(job_desc) || 
    titles ||<#eeeeee> '''Programmer''' ||<#eeeeee> '''Due'''
||<#eeeeee> '''Job''' || 
    from ProgrammerJobs 
    where "$(name)"=="$(1)" 

ProgrammerJobs page:

|| name || job_desc || due_date ||
|| nick || Finish the wiki database macro || 15-mar-03 ||

To create a table containing all my jobs I do:


You could store your data in table and search them fairly easily. I will
release the macro when it is a little more complete. Please note, a
macro like this is probably only suitable for a private wiki/intranet
until the ACLs are implemented.


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