[Moin-user] Cross references

Robert Groenewegen robert.groenewegen at zonnet.nl
Thu Mar 6 00:17:15 EST 2003

Hi Nick,

Can you please publish your "draft" macro? I would like to write a macro 
for a private wiki that reads from a database but do not really know where 
to start. Maybe your macro can put me on the right track ...

Of course you can send it to me directly too 
(mailto://robert.groenewegen@zonnet.nl). Thanks, in advance.

Bye, Robert

At 10:44 5-3-2003 -0800, Nick Trout wrote:

> > On Behalf Of Pascal
> > Sent: March 5, 2003 3:07 AM
> > Subject: [Moin-user] Cross references
> > I would like to generate a page automatically from info found on other
> > pages. Typically, from multiple meeting minutes, I would like to
> > auto-generate a list of action items per person.
> >
> > I was thinking of some kind of search where I could combine a title
> > search and a full-text search. The action items would be
> > written with a
> > certain syntax, such as a line like:
> >   * INITIALS>>text...
> >
> > Unfortunately:
> >       * AFAIK one cannot do a combined search (titel and full-text)
> >       * The search results display a very short context (not the whole
> >         line)
> >
> > Is it possible to solve the above, or is there a better method ?
>I have a similar sort of problem, I'd like to manage sets of data like
>this. I'm writing a wiki database macro which allows you to search
>tables with queries like SQL.
>eg. ProgrammerQueries page:
>== alljobs ==
>   select || $(name) || $(due_date) || $(job_desc) ||
>     titles ||<#eeeeee> '''Programmer''' ||<#eeeeee> '''Due'''
>||<#eeeeee> '''Job''' ||
>     from ProgrammerJobs
>     where "$(name)"=="$(1)"
>ProgrammerJobs page:
>|| name || job_desc || due_date ||
>|| nick || Finish the wiki database macro || 15-mar-03 ||
>To create a table containing all my jobs I do:
>  [[WikiDb(ProgrammerQueries,alljobs,nick)]]
>You could store your data in table and search them fairly easily. I will
>release the macro when it is a little more complete. Please note, a
>macro like this is probably only suitable for a private wiki/intranet
>until the ACLs are implemented.
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