[Moin-user] URL setting in MoinMoin

dfpoon dfpoon at bigfoot.com
Tue Mar 18 05:43:02 EST 2003


     I am a new user trying to install MoinMoin on my school's Web 
hosting server. Everything seems fine. I can run the moin.cgi locally, I 
mean in the Unix console, but not in any browser using URL reference. I 
suspect the problem is due to the strange setting of cgi configuration 
in my school's web server.

	The cgi execution URL is different from the actual CGI location. e.g. 
If a CGI file is located on http://home.aaa.net/~bbb/cgi-bin/moin.cgi, 
then it should be run by referencing 
As usually, there is no way for a common student like me to ask for a 
change in the server. Therefore, I think I need to change the URL 
setting of MoinMoin a little bit to adapt the environment. Does anyone 
have the idea to change which lines?


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