[Moin-user] Help: reference to anchor on another page?

Juergen Hermann jh at web.de
Fri Mar 28 11:59:12 EST 2003

On Fri, 28 Mar 2003 08:20:13 +0100, Gisbert Amm wrote:

>I would have said it must be [wiki:AnotherPage#name foo bar zot], but to my
>surprise that doesn't work. It seems to me like a bug. Jürgen?

Sort of. Wiki:localpage does only work if localpage exists. 
"AnotherPage#name" does not exist, thus the problem.

>You can work around this limitation by typing [wiki:Self:AnotherPage#name
>foo bar zot], which generates an InterWiki link to the same wiki. That works
>for me.

Self: makes it clear this is local, so no existence check, so it works.

Ciao, Jürgen

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