[Moin-user] HTML doesn't validate

Nick Trout nick at rockstarvancouver.com
Thu May 1 10:20:01 EDT 2003

From: Ellen Herzfeld
EH>I am new to MoinMoin and have installed it on a private network. I 
like it very much but I do have one problem. I am having trouble 
adapting the CSS to my needs because, as far as I can see, the HTMl 
generated by MoinMoin is not standards compliant.
First of all the pages don't have a DOCTYPE so they don't validate on 
the W3C HTML validator. Using other tools to validate a page as HTML 
4.01 transitional shows many errors and warnings. I am used to 
working with valid HTML (preferably XHTML, in fact) and am wondering 
if this is a know issue and if there are any plans to fix it.

Currently HTML is generated throughout MoinMoin by Python code. Many
patches have been applied by different authors. XML browsing of page
content has been broken for a while (which I think means the HTML is
broken). There are errors, as you point out.

Features for Moin 1.2 include skinning:

I assume as this occurs the HTML generated will be more consistent,
"centralised" and correct.

> If not, is there any way I can do this myself ?

Currently to fix the problem you would have to go through the MM
codebase, find the Python code generating the HTML error and fix it.
This could be quite time consuming and you'd be stuck with a fork of the
project. As JH points out, if you have a tolerant browser MM works just
fine. CSS customisation is limited I know as I have tried it too. But,
as you also point out I like MM very much and it does the job it is
supposed to do.

Perhaps you could look at the wiki at the notes on skinning and
contribute some ideas?


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