[Moin-user] Re: Re: Enabling acl

Davor Cengija davor.cengija at mail.inet.hr
Fri May 2 06:12:47 EDT 2003


maybe I don't understand what's going on here, and maybe you're frustrated 
by the huge number of stupid emails like this one, but still, please read 

Juergen Hermann wrote:

> On Thu, 01 May 2003 21:17:18 +0200, Davor Cengija wrote:
>>Ok, I've installed the latest moin-head but I still don't know how to
> As I said, it's in development, and official features are in CHANGES. ACLs
> are NOT available.

So, ACLs are not available neither in stable release (1.1) nor in the 
moin-head, CVS nightly snapshot? What's the plan, when it will be 
available, at least in the CVS?

>>enable ACL. Is it available at all? And there's no ChangeLog file where I
>>could check the cvs logs, although CHANGES file states that I should read
> "Note that the file "ChangeLog" in the distribution ..."
> CVS is not "the distribution". ChangeLog is NOT generated for snapshots.

If the moin-1.0.tar.gz file available from the sourceforge.net files 
section then:

davor at lothar ~/tmp/moin-1.0 $ find | grep -i change
davor at lothar ~/tmp/moin-1.0 $ 

No ChangeLog.
davor.cengija at mail.inet.hr

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