[Moin-user] Adding macros

Davor Cengija davor.cengija at mail.inet.hr
Fri May 2 08:34:01 EDT 2003

I installed some additional macros (e.g. PageHits) by putting them to 
<lib>/MoinMoin/macro dir. It works.

However, I'd like to have them in a separate directory tree so that I can 
exchange MoinMoin versions easily. So I created, say, 
/tmp/wikicontrib/MoinMoin/macro dir structure, copied __init__.py from 
MoinMoin/macro and placed PageHits.py there. Additionally, moin.cgi has the 
following line


But [[PageHits]] macro is ignored. 

How can I achieve the described behaviour?

davor.cengija at mail.inet.hr

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