[Moin-user] External Editor on Mac OS X Server

Alberto Berti alberto at lizard.homelinux.net
Fri May 30 05:53:04 EDT 2003

Hi Ellen,

>     Ellen> Lele, I have configured the browser and edited the
>     Ellen> .zope-external-edit file to no avail. I'm afraid there must
>     Ellen> be more to it than that to get it to work on Mac OS X with
>     Ellen> a Mac editor such a BBEdit which is the one I would like to
>     Ellen> use.
>     Ellen> If anyone finds a way to do this, please post it.
>     Ellen> Ellen

configuring  moinmoin external editor on mac os x  isn't so simple. There is a recipe
for doing this on the original Zope External Editor's page on zope's site:


You have to follow that recipe also for moin moin external editor, but where the author
writes "Zope External Editor Helper Application" you should read "moineedit.py".

I hope this helps,


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