[Moin-user] Re: Dumb "attachment:" question

Ted Nolan SRI Augusta GA ted at ags.ga.erg.sri.com
Wed Oct 1 08:28:07 EDT 2003

In message <3F7A8D00.7050101 at waldmann-edv.de>you write:
>Don Poitras wrote:
>> I'm trying to figure out if I've got a version problem, or if I'm just 
>> missing something obvious. From the CHANGES file
>> >Version 1.0 (2002-05-10, Revision 1.159)
>> >Bugfixes:
>> >    * correct handling of spaces in attachment filenames and URLs
>> Yet, Ted observes at 1.0 that he is having trouble using filenames for 
>> attachments: 
>Strange. But 1.0 is stone-age-old meanwhile.
>If he could reproduce his problems on cvs-nightly (and submit a bug if 
>the problem stays) that would help us fixing the problem.
>A workaround would be not using blanks in filenames (they make trouble 
>in lots of other places, too).

Well, I'm certainly surprised that my "Dumb Attachment question" from last
October is circulating again!

The upshot is that I never did find a fix or workaround for the problem.
I moved on to other problems, and just told our users to rename their files
to not have spaces, and things are working well enough and since that is the
case, I'm not investing any more time or energy into it.

>Strange. But 1.0 is stone-age-old meanwhile.

I'm a bit curious about this statement.  As far as I can tell from
sourceforge, 1.0 is still the latest "release".  Does the project plan
any further "release"es, or is it all from bleeding-edge CVS now.  As I
say above, I'm not planning on changing anything until I have to for some
reason or other, but I am curious.


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