[Moin-user] script to create pages

Marius Scurtescu mariuss at lightspeed.ca
Wed Oct 1 17:36:09 EDT 2003

Thanks Thomas,

After a quick look it seems that the API is
split between the two classes you are pointing

The problem I see is that PageEdit is not
meant to be used by other scripts, it is
mixing GUI elements and with real code.

The actual page saving/creation code seems to
be in PageEdit.

I have a very superficial understanding of the
code, I apologize if I make any goofy comments.


Thomas Waldmann wrote:

>> I had a look at the files in the data/text folder and it
>> seems quite easy to create new pages by creating files.
>> It would be nice if Moin had an API for manipulating pages. 
> Have a look at MoinMoin/Page.py and PageEditor.py.
> Thomas
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