[Moin-user] replacing moin.cgi/FrontPage with moin.cgi?FrontPage

Anders Eriksson anders.eriksson at morateknikutveckling.se
Mon Oct 6 01:04:03 EDT 2003


I'm not sure which version I'm running, but the moin_config.py says
__Version__ = "$Revision 1.6 $" and the moin.cgi says $Id: moin.cgi,v 1.2 

I have a problem with the way moinmoin is creating the url to the specifik

Now I forced to run my script via a wrapper and this wrapper has changed
recently so that it thinks that FrontPage is a directory. So when I use the
above url I get this error message:

CGIWrap encountered a system error: 

When: Cannot change to user's CGI directory via chdir()! 
Error Message: Not a directory 
Error Number: 20 

If I use 
Then everything works!

So I'm wondering is there a configuration which lets me change the / to a ?
(and ? to &) or must I run though all the code and change it myself?

To get the ISP to change the cgiwrap is not an option :-( I have had major
difficulties to get them to upgrade Python to a usable version...

// Anders

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