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Marius Scurtescu mariuss at lightspeed.ca
Fri Oct 17 11:43:23 EDT 2003

MoinMoin is on the list as well.

Vote for MoinMoin and it may get to Vegas!


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Subject: Open Source is going to Comdex
Date: 17 Oct 2003 18:37:40 -0000
From: Steve Mallett - OSDir.com <steve at osdir.com>
To: steve at osdir.com

Ladies and Gentlemen, we're going to Vegas, baby!  Well, six open source projects are anyway.  O'ReillyNet & Comdex are working together to pick out the best six of twenty one projects to feature at the Open Source Innovation Center, a space for the open source community to show its stuff. 


 We've picked out twenty one projects that we think have a high demo factor (they are shiny and/or make noise - not to mention, pretty darn impressive).  Please help us narrow down the projects we're chosen to the six we have availability for.  It's Vegas, baby!

Vote today!  http://news.osdir.com/article269.html

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